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100% Vegan | Dairy-free | Egg-free | 0% Cholesterol | No Preservatives


Veganerie started from a Vegan family who wants to share a good Vegan experience to others from what they have found by being one. Starting from creating a simple and easy to understand experience through “food and bakery” which 100 percent made from plants and are all natural.

Our Mission

There’s more to being a vegan than just plain vegetables.
Witness it firsthand by trying our 100% vegan dishes and tasty desserts,
with 0% Cholesterol and Trans-fat. For us, Veganism runs in the family,
but no matter who you are and whatever your diet choice is,
we are more than happy to welcome you to be a part of our awesome Vegan community.

Our Food

Our food and bakeries are good looking, tasty and nutritious! We have many varieties of comfort food available from all day breakfast, dinner, dessert, drinks to groceries (selected premium goods from both local and imported) We believe, without a doubt that good intake makes a healthy body and mind.
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Eating habits breakdown

What is Vegan? Is it like vegetarian or clean eating? Thai people still misunderstand this and sometimes mixed these things together. Today we will try to explain roughly about their differences. First of all, Vegan is a lifestyle one take to not interfere with animal’s life. From not choosing them as food to not using […]

Benefit of a Hard-shell Nuts

Fancy some of these? Did you know that if you eat hard shell nuts (Almond, Hazelnut, Pecan, Pistachio, Walnut) 1 ounce a day (about 28g) everyday, it will decrease your risk of heart disease. From a research published on The Journal Diabetes Care about ‘Hard Shell Nuts and Decreasing level of Cholesterol’, 58 Diabetic patients […]

The 5 Cleanest Sources of Plant-Based Fats

This goes to all bodybuilders and those, who want to lose weight. In opposite to carbs, good sources of fat won’t effect your weight but still give you the energy you need. Today, Veganerie wants to introduce you to an article about “The 5 Cleanest Sources of Plant-Based Fats”. Spoiler alert: Fats are not created […]

Vegan mom who decided for an all vegan life with her 5 year old daughter!

(Image courtesy of ) Here’s the inspiring story of Rhiannon Griffin who decided for an all vegan life with her 5 year old daughter Molly! It’s the miracle she has been searching for all her life! In desire of passing on the wonderful feeling of living vegan both are now on a diet of […]

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