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Veganerie started from a Vegan family who wants to share a good Vegan experience to others from what they have found by being one. Starting from creating a simple and easy to understand experience through “food and bakery” which 100 percent made from plants and are all natural.

More than Veggies

We believe that a good and a healthy dish start from every small pieces in it which is why we select all ingredients carefully and choose only the best in quality and friendly to your health and to the World. Our cooking and baking process is clean and done by heart.


Ultimate dining experience like no other
We believe in sustainable living, for the benefit of our body, soul, fellow earthlings and environment. We strive to live in harmony with the Earth and everything on it. A balance between give and take is important for the sustainability and longevity of the planet. Our food choices should nourish the Earth, just as it nourishes us. ( and compassion to all living beings ) We want make plant-based food that is satisfying for both Vegan and non-Vegan. We want people to have a good experience with Vegan food, and little by little they can start to apply Vegan diet into their daily life.

Our Mission

There’s more to being a vegan than just plain vegetables.
Witness it firsthand by trying our 100% vegan dishes and tasty desserts,
with 0% Cholesterol and Trans-fat. For us, Veganism runs in the family,
but no matter who you are and whatever your diet choice is,
we are more than happy to welcome you to be a part of our awesome Vegan community.

Our Food

Our food and bakeries are good looking, tasty and nutritious! We have many varieties of comfort food available from all day breakfast, dinner, dessert, drinks to groceries (selected premium goods from both local and imported) We believe, without a doubt that good intake makes a healthy body and mind.
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