About us

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Our Story

Veganerie started from a Vegan family who wants to share a good Vegan experience to others from what they have found by being one.


Grand Opening

Starting from creating a simple and easy to understand experience through “food and bakery” which 100 percent made from plants and are all natural. The food and bakery are nice, both taste and appearance which is indifferent from your normal diet.

Favorite Menu

There are many varieties and good for your health more than those that use ingredients derived from animal. The taste especially, is exceptional, which all cause by plant-based ingredients.

Now 6 Branches

Our cooking and baking process is clean and done by heart. Our food and bakeries are low calories, low sugar and contain 0% cholesterol. We have selection of gluten-free and nut-free food, and of course everything is 100% plant-based, dairy-free and egg-free!
People talk

Why Vegan?

Since our grand opening in May 1995, Granny has won great awards from food critics and organizations all over the world.
  • The Good Food Award, Gold Seal (2017)
  • The Organic Food Award, Soil Association (2017)
  • The Great British & Egyptian Food Award (2016)
  • The Food Made Good Award (2015)
  • The Great Food Taste Award (2014)
  • The Food Award, Egypt (2014)
  • The Best Food Award, Egypt (2014)
  • The Best Chef in Egypt & Best Restaurant (2013)
  • The Best Emerging Egypt Cuisine (2012)
  • The Best Dining Experience (2011)
  • The Best Chef in Egypt (2010)
  • The Egyptian Star (2009)