What is Vegan? Is it like vegetarian or clean eating?

Thai people still misunderstand this and sometimes mixed these things together. Today we will try to explain roughly about their differences.

First of all, Vegan is a lifestyle one take to not interfere with animal’s life. From not choosing them as food to not using any products that harm animals in anyway possible.

A Vegetarian, on the other hand, is mainly focused on their diet. Vegetarians consume no meat, only vegetables and fruits but in some group of vegetarian (as called Lacto/Ovo-vegetarian), they also eat eggs and/or dairy products.

Organic Food is made from an ingredient that has been processed and grow/raise eco-friendly and chemical-free. The person who choose to eat organic is the person who choose their ingredients that produced or raised without using any chemical, for his better health.

Lastly, Clean Eating, a trend that has been a nig hit recently in Bangkok. Some people thinks that clean eating means to eat only vegetables and fruits, which is incorrect. Actually clean eating is food that has not been (ultra-) processed. It is a food that cook with easy or light method using healthy ingredients for your diet without cutting out meat.

Our place, Veganerie, provided 100% Vegan food and bakery which means all ingredients that we used are plant-based 🙂 even the pulled-pork burger or fried chicken on the menu are all made of plants!

If you are not a big fan of vegetables, please open your heart, come by our place and give it a try. 🙂 Because everyone that has been here, all left with a smile 😀 We always welcome you here no matter you’re a Vegan or not! Please come say hi! ^^

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