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Here’s the inspiring story of Rhiannon Griffin who decided for an all vegan life with her 5 year old daughter Molly! It’s the miracle she has been searching for all her life! In desire of passing on the wonderful feeling of living vegan both are now on a diet of organic fruits and smoothies. The motivation for that diet arised by Molly itself. Instead of asking for candy like other kids, Molly had always been asking for fruits and vegetables. Both have an excellent health. They have loads of energy, sleep very well and haven’t been sick in a long time!

To all parents who feel inspired and are looking for a good vegan restaurant full of healthy nutritions, we welcome you at all branches of Veganerie! 100% vegan food with a wide variety of food that provides the energy and vitamins kids need for their growth!


Thank you so much to everyone who came to Molly’s birthday last week and helped make it such a fun and magical day for her.💖💖💖 Thank you all for the beautiful thoughtful gifts and for spending the afternoon with us. We had fun in the park and water park with a fruit picnic and the annual watermelon cake (the carving of which went a bit wrong this year 😄). It really was a lovely day and thank you all so much for joining us 😊💗 #vegansofinstagram #vegansofinsta #veganlife #veganofig #raw #rawlife #rawvegan #loveraw #fruitarian #fruitariansofig #plantbased #fruit #happyonfruit #801010 #health #happiness #wholefood #mama #holisticmama #inspiration #watermelon #rawfooddiet #fruitariansofig #rawfooddiet #summer #birthday #fruitpicnic

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