Does the plant-based foods really help fight acne?

Just as there have been fingers pointed at a variety of foods for acne incidence, there are just as many diets and particular food items that help the skin remain clear and vibrant. Here are a few types of plant-based foods that may help clear and soothe the skin. 1.…...
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8 surprising reason why you should be eating more blueberries.

1. Eye Protection – blueberries help protect the retina from light and oxygen damage.   2. Brain – restore and protect brain cell loss for cognitive function and also improve memory.   3. Blood – Blueberries protect cholesterol in the blood and improve the regulation of blood sugar.   4.…...
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Small but mighty!

Sunflower: Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals. Selenium induces DNA Repair. Magnesium builds strong bones and helps lower blood pressure, decreases muscle tension, migraine headaches, soreness and fatique. Hemp: A complete protein. They contain an essential fatty acids, omega 6, omega 3 and are a good source of soluble and insoluble…...
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